FAU High School is a public school governed by Florida Atlantic University and has no tuition cost, lab fees, or book costs to students. Families are financially responsible for a minimal annual activity fee, FAU Parking and Transportation fee, orientation fee, and, in 9th grade, an iPad rental fee.

On average, graduates of FAU High School earn 95 university credits by high school graduation; some students even receive their Bachelor’s Degree from Florida Atlantic University before their high school diploma.

FAU High School, in partnership with the Office of Financial Aid, currently offers the Talon Scholarship to all qualified high school graduates to complete their Bachelor’s degree at Florida Atlantic University within two years of graduation from FAU High School.

Activity Fees

Activity Fees are used to support student activities and to annually provide each student with a PE uniform and a school yearbook. Activity fees are $550.00 per year/per student in grades 9-12. Activity Fees may be paid in full or in two (2) payments per the schedule below.

Reduced Activity Fees are based on eligibility guidelines established by the Federal Free and Reduced Price School Meals Program. Families qualifying under these guidelines shall be eligible for adjusted Activity Fees. Activity Fees are payable as follows:

Annual Activity Fees (Grades 9-12)

Full Fee $550
Qualified Reduced Fee $275
Qualified No Fee $0


You may also choose to pay in two payments. 2018-2019 Fee Payment Schedule is as follows:

Due Date Full Fee Qualified Reduced Fee Qualified No Fee
March 15th $275 $137.50 $0
July 15th $275 $137.50 $0


Parents/guardians will be able to pay using the link listed below, or it can also be found on our website. Lunch fees can be paid in the cafeteria or online. The school does not accept personal checks. All payments can be made on the Marketplace webpage.

Transportation Access Fee

Fall Semester Spring Semester Summer Semester
$76.90 $76.90 $32.04


Additional Fees

9th Grade iPad Fee $150


Breakfast and Lunch Options

Option #1: Per Semester

Buy breakfast and/or lunch Monday thru Friday. This is a prepaid, paid in full option. The first payment will be due July 1st and the second payment is due December 1st.

  • Breakfast: $160 per semester. Lunch: $292.50 per semester
  • Students approved for reduced meals: Breakfast:$27 per semester. Lunch: $36 per semester
  • No charge for students approved for free meals

Option #2: Meal Account

Set up a meal account to buy breakfast and/or lunch any day with an initial deposit. You may add to it at any time.

  • Breakfast: $1.75 per day. Lunch: $3.25 per day
  • Students approved for reduced meals: Breakfast: .30 per day. Lunch: .40 per day
  • No charge for students approved for free meals

Option #3: Occasional

Students who would like to purchase breakfast and/or lunch occasionally may do so by bringing cash that day.

Breakfast costs $1.75 per day. Lunch costs $3.25 per day.


*** Please note: A new Free and Reduced Lunch Application must be submitted each school year. The application is available every year on July 1st.