FAU High School Frequently Asked Questions


What time does school start?

School starts at 8:00 AM and ends at 2:45 in 9th grade. After 9th grade, students are able to schedule their own classes and choose their times.


To what graduate schools have FAU High School students been accepted?

Students from FAUHS have been accepted to graduate schools including Yale University; Johns Hopkins University; University of California, Berkeley; Florida Atlantic University, Charles E. Schmidt College of Medicine; Georgia Institute of Technology; Dartmouth College; University of Central Florida; University of Florida; Florida State University; Cornell University; Columbia University; University of Virginia; University of Illinois; University of Miami; and Boston University.


What kind of student thrives at FAU High School?

Dedicated, motivated, and diligent students tend to thrive at FAU High School. Students who are willing to go above and beyond in their studies are the type of students FAUHS enrolls. Additionally, a mature personality is needed for a student to thrive on a university campus at a considerably young age.


How do you transition students to the university?

In addition to requiring students to attend an FAU freshman orientation, FAUHS also offers a transition course that all students are required to take their first semester of 10th grade. This course covers topics such as time management, study skills, university resources, advising, and much more. Is there an orientation for parents? Yes, there is an orientation for parents in August. We also host parent workshops throughout the year. Parents also receive FAU orientation programs for their students going into 10th and 11th grades.


Is there an orientation for students?

Yes, there is a full student orientation in August before the start of classes. After 9th grade, students are required to go through an FAU freshman orientation the summer before taking classes in 10th grade.


Can high school parents get involved with the Parent Teacher Organization?

Yes, high school parents may join the Parent Teacher Organization.


How many students have graduated from FAU High School?

About 400 students have graduated from FAU High School.


Do students receive advising on high school and college advising?

Yes, FAU High School’s guidance department works to advise students on both the high school and college aspects of their studies.


Can students take summer courses?

Students who display exceptional maturity and a strong GPA may be approved for summer classes at FAU after 9th grade.


Do you offer test preparation for the ACT or SAT?

No, students are responsible for preparing for the ACT/SAT on their own. There are multiple free resources that guidance will offer students. We do offer PSAT prep for students (which does help prepare students for the SAT).


Do students still have to take the ACT or SAT?

Yes, students are still required to take the ACT/SAT. Students must take the ACT or SAT and meet a minimum score to be admitted into FAU after high school graduation.


How do students complete their high school courses after 9th grade?

Students take their high school requirements on FAU’s campus; the credits fulfill both high school course requirements as well as general education (Intellectual Foundations Program--IFP) requirements towards a degree at FAU.


Will students be able to graduate with a bachelor’s degree at the time of high school graduation?

Yes, with an intensive course-load and strong GPA, students are able to graduate with their bachelor’s degree at the same time as high school graduation. Very few students each year actually achieve this. It is very difficult and students have to prove that they can not only handle the rigor, but that it is in the best interest of their future.


How many FAU credits transfer to other schools?

Because FAU High students finish with at approximately 80-100 college credits, we encourage students to finish their degrees at FAU. If a student decides to attend another university after high school graduation, they will be responsible for finding out how many credits the schools will accept. Most universities only take the first 60 credits earned, but FAU High School will not/cannot verify this number for other schools.


What fees do students have to pay?

Students must pay an Activity Fee of $275 to FAU High School every fall and spring semester from 9th-12th grade. Additionally, students must pay a transportation fee to FAU every semester they take classes. There is also an iPad rental fee of $150 for the 9th grade students. There are other miscellaneous fees including, but not limited to, lunch fees, book fees, field trip fees, dance/formal fees, etc.


What high school sports do you offer?

Boys’ Varsity Flag Football, Girls’ Varsity Volleyball, Boys’ Varsity Basketball, Boys’ Junior Varsity Basketball, Girls’ Varsity Basketball, Boys’ Varsity Soccer, Girls’ Varsity Soccer, Boys’ and Girls’ Track and Field, Boys’ and Girls’ Swimming, and Boys’ and Girls’ Tennis.


What classes do students take freshman year?

Students take Biology I Honors, English 1 Honors, World History Honors, HOPE, dual-enrolled 4 credit Spanish course, an elective course, and either Geometry Honors, Algebra II Honors, or Pre-Calculus depending on the math level. Students will be contacted regarding their elective choice during the summer.


How should parents go about contacting teachers while their student is in 9th grade?

Parents are welcome to contact teachers, guidance, or administration at any time. However, we do want to encourage 9th grade students to begin learning to advocate for themselves, as they will need this skill as they mature and transition into a full-time college student in 10th grade. Therefore, we recommend that you encourage your student to first try to communicate with the teacher on their own (and they can copy you on the email).


Can students take FLVS courses the summer before entering 9th grade?

Because FAU High School offers courses specifically designed to prepare students for the university experience after 9th grade, we do not advise students to take FLVS courses the summer before 9th grade.


Do you have sibling preference for A.D. Henderson and/or FAU High School?

No, A.D. Henderson admissions is entirely a lottery system, while FAU High School’s admissions is merit based.


Do you offer transportation?

A.D. Henderson/FAU High does not offer transportation. However, we have students who utilize public transportation to and from FAU and students who carpool/walk/bike.


Do students have to take standardized tests?

Yes, students are still required to take the FSA, EOC, and ELA tests. Our testing coordinator will contact students with information.


How much time will students spend studying?

Students spend about 3-6 hours studying and completing assignments outside of the classroom every day. While this may seem overwhelming, it is essential that students dedicate the majority of their time to their studies in 9th grade, as it helps them form crucial time management and organizational skills.


What time does school start?

School starts at 8:00 AM and ends at 2:45 in 9th grade. After 9th grade, students are able to schedule their own classes and choose their times.


How is FAU High School similar to a traditional high school with student activities?

FAU High School has many clubs, sports, and events. We have Student Government, Interact Club, International Thespian Society, Science Olympiad, Student Athlete Leadership Team, Makerspace, National Honor Society, Math Ambassadors, Fitness Club, Mock Trial, Future Educators of America, Model United Nations, Yearbook Club, and Asian Culture Club. We also go on grade field trips. In the past, we have gone to Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure, Halloween Horror Nights, Grad Bash (for seniors), Magic Kingdom, and Busch Gardens. Like traditional high schools, we also have dances including Winter Formal and Prom. Students are encouraged to suggest events and clubs that will create a memorable high school experience in addition to the existing ones.


Can students join university clubs and sports?

Starting in 10th grade, students are allowed to participate in over 350 clubs and intramural sports (not NCAA sports). Students are not allowed to participate in Greek fraternities/sororities or organizations that require members to be 18 or older.