An important function of the Guidance and Advising Department is to maintain accurate records of each student's progress in school. This includes the interpretation of the importance of grades and test scores to students, parents, and teachers. The most important job of the Guidance and Advising Department, however, is service. We are here to help students! We help students select courses to meet individual needs, offer encouragement to set high but realistic goals, aid in adjusting to the school/college environment, assist in resolving school and personal problems, and assist with college and scholarship applications. 

Guidance Resources

Students can access guidance and advising resources through their Blackboard accounts. These resources include: advising resources, campus resources, financial aid and scholarships, peer mentors, PSAT/SAT/ACT preparation, resume resources, student organizations, summer research and internships, undergraduate research, University Honors Program, volunteer opportunities, and more! 

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FAU High School Counseling Services through the FAU Counseling And Psychological Services center


Mrs. Molly Adam

Mrs. Molly Adam

Associate Director of Guidance





Mrs. Adam is the Associate Director of Guidance at FAU High School. Mrs. Adam works primarily with tenth-grade students, transitioning them from the high school into FAU. She joins us all the way from Cincinnati, OH. Mrs. Adam holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication Studies from Mount St. Joseph University and a Master of Science degree in Education and Allied Professions from the University of Dayton. Mrs. Adam is currently working on her Doctorate Degree in Higher Education at Florida Atlantic University. Mrs. Adam has experience working in a variety of areas in higher education. Outside of academic advising, she has experience in student activities, residence life, career services, orientation, marketing, admission, teaching, and more! Mrs. Adam is excited to bring her experiences and knowledge to the FAU High School community.



Dr. Tricia Meredith

Dr. Tricia Meredith

Director of FAU High School Research Program





Originally from Youngstown, Ohio, Dr. Meredith completed her bachelor’s degree in marine biology at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington in 2004. Her first taste of research was to conduct an undergraduate thesis, during which she discovered that a certain species of marine worm employs chemical defenses to deter predators. Shortly thereafter, she entered the doctoral Integrative Biology Program at Florida Atlantic University. Dr. Meredith’s dissertation research focused on the sense of smell in elasmobranch fishes (sharks, rays, and skates) and involved everything from shark fishing in the Florida Keys to electro-physiology experiments at Gumbo Limbo Environmental Complex to documentaries on shark biology. In December 2011, she completed her doctorate and began postdoctoral research at the University of Miami’s Miller School of Medicine. Her postdoctoral work focused on the taste system in mammals to determine how the hormone leptin influences the sensitivity of taste cells and communication among them. Dr. Meredith is now Assistant Professor in the College of Education at Florida Atlantic University working to develop and teach courses in FAU High School’s Research Program. 



Mrs. Ellen Chance

Mrs. Ellen Chance

Certified School Counselor





Mrs. Chance is a Certified School Counselor at FAU High School. Mrs. Chance works primarily with 9th and 10th- grade students in areas of social-emotional, academic, and college/career development. Her areas of specialization include counseling children and adolescents, social-emotional learning (SEL), and integrating technology in the school counseling program to improve student connectedness and data-driven practices. In addition, Mrs. Chance is the coordinator of the FAU High School near-peer mentoring program and school-wide SEL programming. Ellen holds a Bachelor's of Science degree from the University of Florida, and both a Master's and an Educational Specialist degree in School Counseling from Florida Atlantic University (FAU). She is currently a doctoral candidate in the Department of Counselor Education and Supervision at FAU. Mrs. Chance works to create opportunities for students to develop the knowledge, attitude, and skills necessary for success, while eliminating any barriers hindering students’ development. She wants all students to know that her door is always open!