An important function of the Guidance and Advising Department is to maintain accurate records of each student's progress in school. This includes the interpretation of the importance of grades and test scores to students, parents, and teachers. The most important job of the Guidance and Advising Department, however, is service. We are here to help students! We help students select courses to meet individual needs, offer encouragement to set high but realistic goals, aid in adjusting to the school/college environment, assist in resolving school and personal problems, and assist with college and scholarship applications. 

Guidance Resources

Students can access guidance and advising resources through their Blackboard accounts. These resources include: advising resources, campus resources, financial aid and scholarships, peer mentors, PSAT/SAT/ACT preparation, resume resources, student organizations, summer research and internships, undergraduate research, University Honors Program, volunteer opportunities, and more! 

Click here to sign into your Blackboard account. Once you sign in, click the Advisor's Corner link. 


FAU High School Counseling Services through the FAU Counseling And Psychological Services center