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FAU High School’s academic program challenges students to apply the knowledge and research skills they gain in the classroom and the lab to practical, real-life situations. The curriculum developed and the collaborative environment defined during the freshman year lead students to think critically and solve problems at Florida Atlantic University, and beyond.

Once fully dual-enrolled in 10th grade, students have the ability to select their coursework within a major of their choosing. Along with advancing at their own pace, students take part in our test preparation program and have access to summer courses and resources.

Undergraduate Research

FAU High School boasts an innovative research program that exposes students to research and scholarly inquiry in varied disciplines. The FAU High School Research Program is specifically tailored to each dual-enrolled student and provides the opportunity to conduct university-level research, travel to research sites and conferences, and finally the opportunity to publish their research findings in peer reviewed journals.

Cost of Attendance

FAU High School is a public school governed by Florida Atlantic University and has no tuition cost, lab fees, or book costs to students. Families are financially responsible for a minimal annual activity fee, FAU Parking and Transportation fee, orientation fee, and, in 9th grade, an iPad rental fee.

On average, graduates of FAU High School earn 95 university credits by high school graduation; some students even receive their Bachelor’s Degree from Florida Atlantic University before their high school diploma.

FAU High School, in partnership with the Office of Financial Aid, currently offers the Talon Scholarship to all qualified high school graduates to complete their Bachelor’s degree at Florida Atlantic University within two years of graduation from FAU High School.


Teachers at FAU High School are skilled instructional leaders that are passionately focused on developing and caring for the holistic student. Their lesson planning and execution integrates the higher cognitive levels of learning, including applying learned concepts, analyzing new information within the concepts, evaluating the validity and reliability of information and finally, synthesizing newly acquired knowledge through an interdisciplinary approach to create ever evolving new instructional models. This cyclical student centered collaboration process serves as a framework for constant instructional innovation.

Family Support Systems

FAU High School offers various support systems that students can take advantage of regularly. The goal of these resources is to create a supportive community that motivates and engages students. Whether meeting with high school counselors or college academic advisors, students have a clear understanding of what it means to be both an FAU High School and a Florida Atlantic University Owl. For additional information on our High School Support Team, please visit the K-12 School Counseling Team.

Summer Programs

FAU High School offers various opportunities for students to further their knowledge and earn academic credit during the summer break. Beginning in the summer between 10th and 11th grade, FAU High School students have the option, after administrative approval, to enroll in Summer courses at Florida Atlantic University.

Besides enrolling in courses and further enriching their studies, students have the option to participate in H2O To Go! Summer Institutes at FAU Pine Jog Environmental Education Center. These institutes introduce students to scientists who are working in the field of environmental research and gives students a professional experience not easily obtained by the general population - all while earning college credit.

Test Preparation

Although our dual-enrollment program consists of university-level courses, we understand that FAU High School graduates must take standardized tests in order to apply to college and postgraduate programs. We also know that students familiar with tests and with ample test preparation have a greater advantage over their peers. PSAT and SAT scores are also qualifiers for scholarships and certain merit based rewards, including the National Merit Scholarship and other Prestige Scholarships.

Students receive standardized test preparation, designed specifically for FAU High School freshmen, beginning in 9th grade, which advances in focus and depth through grades 10 and 11, ultimately leading to pinnacle student performance on the Preliminary SAT/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test (PSAT/NMSQT) in 11th grade and other standardized testing throughout their careers.


FOCUS Parent Portal

The FOCUS Parent Portal is a web-based tool designed to enhance communication and involvement for parents in their child’s education. This portal allows you to monitor progress in school, attendance, class schedule, discipline information, assignments, grades, billing information, school calendars,  retrieve report cards, and NEW this year parents/guardians will re-enroll their students’ and update their student’s information right on their FOCUS portal. 

FOCUS also has a convenient mobile app! Parent/guardians need an active FOCUS account to sign into the app. See instructions and a parents quick guide for the FAU Schools   FOCUS community app  here and make sure to download below.



Parents/Guardians can create a new parent/guardian FOCUS account, add student to their existing account, or recover a forgotten password right from the main FOCUS login page . Please follow these instructions  when creating a new FOCUS account.

  • Please Note: Date of birth, last 4 digits of Student SS #, and student numbers are required when creating new parent accounts. Student numbers can be found on report cards, and progress reports, or by stopping by or calling the front office.
  • Parent/guardians must use an email account that is associated with their student's account.

Students will continue to log into FOCUS using their 10 digit school number.

  • Students who forget their password are asked to stop by the front office in person to request a password reset.

Graduate Pathways

As an innovative early collegiate high school program, FAU High School provides accelerated pathways from high school to undergraduate degree completion and even to graduate and professional school education.

Our most unique, first-of-its-kind pipeline program in the nation, M.D. Direct places FAU high school students directly in-line for medical school at the FAU Charles E. Schmidt College of Medicine. Students admitted to this unprecedented program, receive exclusive pre-medical course advising, exposure to clinical experiences, MCAT test preparation and support, complete an accelerated bachelor’s or master’s or PhD degree, and gain opportunities to conduct significant undergraduate and graduate level research prior to beginning medical school at FAU.

FAU High School and its partnership with the FAU Graduate College also provides students with access to direct pathways to over 100 graduate degree and certificate programs, including several Combined Bachelor/Master Degree Programs.

Honors Options

FAU High School moves at different paces for different students and career aspirations, because of this, we offer many opportunities for students to pursue rigorous pathways and earn an Honors in The Major distinction with their Bachelors degree at FAU.

The FAU High School Scholar Honors Program rewards students for exceptional accomplishments in four categories: Undergraduate Research, Field Experience, Creative Works, and Volunteer Service. Furthermore, students have the unique opportunity to attend the Wilkes Honors College in Jupiter, Florida, during their senior year at FAU High School through Early Admission and work towards completion of a Wilkes Honors College Degree.

Along with Honors distinctions within FAU and FAU High School, we provide a framework for current students and recent alumni to develop applications and experiences toward nationally and internationally recognized scholarship, fellowship awards, and Prestige Scholarships.

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