Frequently Asked Questions

School Day

  1. What time does school start and end?
    • School starts at 8:00 and ends at 2:45. Your parents can drop you off as early as 7:30 and must pick you up by 3:00 unless you are enrolled in Aftercare (which ends at 6:00).
  2. When do we get our class schedule?
    • You will receive your class schedule during the back-to-school orientation, a few days before school starts in August.
  3. Where do we go in the morning?
    • Unless enrolled in before-school care through the Henderson Enrichment School Program, students are not allowed to be dropped off before 7:30 am.
    • At 7:30, students must scan their student ID at the main entrance and can enter the building. From there, students can have breakfast in the cafeteria or make their way to the high school building. Students will wait in the high school building hallway, enter classrooms, or meet with teachers until the bell rings at 7:55 am. The final bell rings at 8:00; after that, students will be marked tardy.
    • It takes about 5 minutes to walk from the drop-off area to the high school.
  4. What is the dismissal process at the end of the day?
    • Car riders - Students will either go to the pick-up circle/gym lobby or will wait to be dismissed from their 4th-period classrooms (this is subject to change). Our campus uses SchoolPass to know when your car has arrived.
    • Walkers - If your parents have signed the release for you to be a walker to walk home or to ride the bus to the train, you will check out from the gym lobby and leave the school campus.
    • Aftercare - Students enrolled in aftercare will check in with aftercare (location TBD).
    • Clubs/Athletics - If the club starts at 3:00, you will go to the room where the club is held. If you are in aftercare, you will need to check into aftercare first, then tell them where you are going.
    • Students, unless given express permission from Mrs. Hallstrom, cannot walk over to campus.
  5. What is Aftercare? How do I sign up? How/When do my parents pay?
    • The Henderson Enrichment Program is an educational service offered to students attending A.D. Henderson University School & FAU High School. Operating hours for before-school care are 7:00 am-7:55 am and 2:30 pm-6:00 pm for after-school care on regular school days. For more information, please visit https://adhus.fau.edu/owl-community/hasp/ .
  6. How many students are in each class?
    • Usually 20-30, but on average, about 25.
  7. How many 9th graders are there?
    • There are approximately 150 students in the 9th grade.
  8. How long is each class period?
    • 90 minutes. You have four classes per day. The block schedule is from 8:00-9:36 (time added for announcements), 9:392-11:09, 11:10-12:40, Lunch, 1:15-2:45
  9. How long is lunch? Do all students eat together? Can students buy lunch at school? Can students heat up food at school?
    • Lunch for all 9th-grade students is from 12:40-1:15.
    • We have a typical school lunch service with hot items where you can buy lunch. Money has to be added to your account through the marketplace found on FOCUS. Please visit the SLA Management website for current menus.
    • Parents cannot drop off lunch at the front office, students cannot order lunch delivery, and there is not a student kitchen on campus for storing, preparing, or reheating food.
  10. Can we eat in class?
    • Most teachers do not have an issue with eating in class; as long as students clean up and are respectful, this privilege is afforded at the discretion of classroom teachers. Food and drink are not permitted near computers or tech nor in any of the labs on campus. If you clean up after yourself, it usually isn’t a problem. Just be mindful not to bring loud, messy, or smelly food.
  11. Can we chew gum in school?
    • Yes, we just ask students to be responsible and respectful.
  12. What is the bathroom use policy?
    • We strongly urge students to use the bathroom between classes and during lunch to maximize their time in class with their classmates. If students need to use the bathroom during class, it is done so at the discretion of each teacher.
  13. Which days do we have off for holidays?
    • Please find all appropriate calendars and links here .
  14. Do we have lockers?
    • Our campus does not have lockers for school items, but students shouldn’t have too much to carry throughout the day. Most books will not need to be brought to school regularly, and students' iPads suffice for almost all work on campus.
  15. What does the high school building look like? How big is it?
    • The high school building on the main A.D. Henderson & FAU High School campus in Boca Raton houses classrooms, labs, communal spaces, and an office suite. Students will take advantage of our brand new gymnasium and fitness center set to open at the beginning of the 2022-2023 school year.
  16. What is the dress code?
    • Please find and review all our school policies here .
  17. Do we go on any field trips?
    • Yes! While we don’t go on field trips too frequently, some of your classes do have trips. In S2S, there is usually an opportunity to attend a career fair on the FAU campus. In Psychology, students go to the Cox Science Center, and in Research (during the Spring semester), they attend the undergraduate research symposium on campus. In English, there is often an opportunity to attend a theater lab on campus. These trips are subject to change and may have a minimal cost associated with them.
  18. What do we need to buy for school supplies?
    • A supplies list will be sent out during the summer.
    • Our great A.D. Henderson & FAU High School PTO works with A+ School Supplies to provide a one-stop shop for all your back-to-school needs. Please review this announcement to see if your family would be interested in this service.
  19. If students need to talk to someone about stress, relationships, mental health concerns, or general life issues, who can they speak to?
    • A.D. Henderson & FAU High School houses an incredible K-12 Counseling Program with counselors and advisors that are ready to help. We also have a partnership with Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) at FAU that works with our students.
  20. What is the attendance policy?
    • Please find and review all our school policies here .



  1. What will the homework be like for each class?
    • Each class is different. You will be expected to keep up with reading and complete homework assignments given on Canvas or in class. This might include writing a response or essay, taking notes, completing edpuzzle (questions on videos) assignments, listening to and responding to podcasts, analyzing an article, etc.
  2. Do we have assigned seats in class?
    • Some classes might, but most classes do not have assigned seating - make sure you choose wisely and communicate with the teacher if you have a preferred seating position.
  3. Is the college-level Spanish course taught somewhere else or in the FAU High School building?
    • Spanish courses are held within the high school building.
  4. What class will we have if we already took Biology?
    • You will be in Bio 2, which is focused on preparation for a science fair project!
  5. What is S2S?
    • S2S stands for Steps 2 Success. The class is designed to help you transition into high school and onto the university campus. The first semester is focused on things like study skills, time management, note-taking, mental health, etc. Semester two is focused on career preparation, considering various majors, finding university classes, and enrolling in classes for the next fall semester.
  6. Should I take HOPE over the summer on FLVS?
    • Since our staff organizes schedules with the FAU course selection in mind, we strongly advise against taking any FLVS courses over the summer. 
  7. Do I need to wear a uniform for HOPE/PE? How do I get one?
    • Students normally wear a PE uniform and dress in the locker rooms. PE uniforms will be distributed at the beginning of each semester.
  8. Does the school provide textbooks?
    • Yes, students are provided a copy of any textbooks required for class. Additional books (novels for English) may need to be purchased, but they are usually very inexpensive or available for free online.
  9. What other materials will I need for school?
    • A supplies list will be sent out during the summer.
    • Our great A.D. Henderson & FAU High School PTO works with A+ School Supplies to provide a one-stop shop for all your back-to-school needs. Please review this announcement to see if your family would be interested in this service.
  10. Will we have an elective class each semester?
    • No, you will only have one elective class, psychology or exploring research. It will be scheduled either in the Fall or Spring semester.
  11. How would you recommend setting up a planner to keep track of assignments?
    • We are energized by your excitement for organization and can't wait to dive into these topics in S2S, as this is a worthwhile skill and a very individualized process. Look on Canvas and on the boards of your different classrooms for assignment deadlines and info, then copy it into your physical or digital planner. Make sure you add reminders a few days or weeks before major deadlines.
  12. I would like to speak to someone about setting up a 504 or IEP. Who do I talk to?
  13. Who can I ask if I have a specific question about a class?
    • Biology - Mrs. Barkes
    • World History - Mr. Clevenger
    • English - Mrs. Baker
    • Math - Mrs. Toosarvandani
    • Spanish - Señora Siciliano
    • HOPE - Coach Childs
    • Psychology/Exploring Research - Dr. Tift
    • S2S


Class Scheduling

  1. Can students switch out of a class?
    • The answer will always be no. The only exception is if you were misplaced in a class like Math and needed to switch to an appropriate class.
  2. Does taking part in the Spanish Heritage Program mean that you receive extra college credits, more so than a regular Spanish class?
    • There is no separate Spanish Heritage Program. SPN1120 and SPN1121 are the two Spanish courses. Every FAU High student will be placed in one of the two courses for Fall and then the next level course for Spring. SPN1120 and SPN1121 both earn four university credits. SPN1121 includes both heritage and non-heritage speakers due to the layout of the ninth-grade schedule and student needs. SPN1120 is the true beginning Spanish course for students with very little to no prior Spanish knowledge. The Spanish placement test results, along with middle school transcripts and heritage speaking status, are all considered when placing students in the appropriate option of either 1120 or 1121 for Fall. More specific questions about Spanish placement should be emailed directly to Mrs. Hallstrom , Interim Assistant Principal.
  3. Do teachers offer to tutor?
    • All FAU High School teachers are happy to meet with students by appointment before or after school. Teachers can offer help and guidance on assignments and class material. If you need long-term tutoring, most teachers can pair you up with an upperclassman who has done well in the class in the past with oversight from the teacher. This is a free service, and we recommend you use this rather than an outside tutor who does not know how each teacher runs their classes.
  4. Can students take higher-level math classes, like calculus at FAU?
  5. Can we take classes such as geometry or algebra online over the summer?
    • Since our staff organizes schedules with the FAU course selection in mind, we strongly advise against taking any FLVS courses over the summer.
  6. When will we take HOPE?
    • It will be on students' schedules in August.
  7. I already took HOPE on FLVS? What will I have on my schedule in its place?
    • In the past, students who have already completed HOPE will be in both elective classes (Psychology & Exploring Research).


Fee Payment

  1. Are there any fees we need to pay to the University?
    1. Families are responsible for paying the FAU Transportation Fee, approximately $76. Students will not have to pay any additional fees for the University during freshman year.
  2. When do I need to pay the FAU Transportation Fee?
    1. Payments are due before the beginning of the semester. FAU High School will send out a reminder email when it is time to make that payment. There is a fee deadline calendar on the FAU website.
  3. Where do I go to pay the transportation fee?
    1. University payments must be made through my.FAU.edu . Students will sign in, then go to “self-service” and find the fee payment menu. You can make the payment online.
  4. My.FAU.edu has a section for direct deposit? Do I need to set that up? Why?
    1. You do not need to set up the direct deposit. You will only need that if you later receive a scholarship or have a campus job that the University needs to pay you for.
  5. Do I need to pay the student activity fee for FAU High School? How? When?

Yes, please review our Program Cost page for more information and the Fee Policy . Payments are made securely through the FAU Lab School Marketplace website .



  1. How do students get to school?
    • Tri-Rail Schedule
    • Student presentation about tips and tricks for riding the Tri-Rail from August 2019 orientation.
    • There is about a 15-minute walk from the bus stop on campus to the high school building.
    • Our school does not have a school bus program; parents are responsible for drop off and pick up. You may find that setting up a carpool works best for your family.
    • Students can get a discount Tri-Rail pass by completing paperwork at one of the main stations and showing a valid student ID (FAU Owl card). This procedure is explained clearly on the Tri-Rail website and should be set up prior to school in August. We have upperclassmen who can assist you if needed and give great tips and tricks.



  1. When do students receive their iPads?
    • Right before school starts in August, usually at the back-to-school orientation.
  2. What is the phone policy?
    • You can have your cell phone, but it should not be out in class unless you need it to complete an assignment; teachers will let students know if it shouldn't be out. Students can use their phones during lunch.
  3. Will we be bringing our iPads to school every day?
    • Yes, we recommend you charge your iPad overnight and bring a charging cord with you to school. It is also a good idea to have a portable charging battery with you at school in case you are not near an outlet.
  4. What are some useful apps to have on our phones to get ready for school?
    • Outlook - to access your FAU email
    • Canvas - assignments, grades, announcements
    • Owl Ready - FAU’s internal app that containt maps, emergency info, weather, etc
    • Fortify FL - Florida-wide safety app
    • FAU Lab Schools - App version of Focus, where you will see your student account, can pay fees, and see grades
  5. Can we download any app to our iPads? 
    • Most apps are available for download onto your school iPad (within reason).
  6. Do we have to use MS Word?
    • No, most assignments can be completed in google docs or notability, but Canvas cannot display files with a .gdoc or .pages ending. You will have to export your google doc as a .docx or a .pdf. You will have access to the online MS office (Office 365) suite with your FAU login.


H2O to Go

  1. Is H2O to Go being offered this summer?
    • June 12 - 16 (open to 9th grade only)
    • June 26 - June 30 (open to all grades)
    • July 24 - 28 (open to 10th, 11th, and 12th grades)
    • Yes, there are a couple of sessions being offered Summer of 2022


Research & Science Fair

  1. How do we join the undergraduate research program ?
    • If you have the 9th-grade Exploring Research class, you are already on the direct research pathway! If you have psychology, you are going to get a lot of the same information, so no worries. In 10th grade, we recommend taking the fall Introduction to Research class and then taking Research Methods 1 in the Spring. If you are really interested in getting started NOW, email the research team from the link above about getting involved in Science Fair. 
  2. What is the benefit of undergraduate research?
    • There are so many benefits of getting involved in undergraduate research. First, you get first-hand experience with a potential future career. Second, you will learn a host of useful skills that will be helpful in any discipline. Third, you will get to work with some amazing research scientists, which will help you learn more about your field, and they will help you meet other big names in your field. Also, it will make you more competitive for entry into graduate school or careers. Research can be done in any discipline, from science, engineering, history, writing, etc. You can email Dr. Meredith , Director of Research, for more information.
  3. How do we sign up for the research class?
    • If you are entering 9th grade, select “Exploring Research” as your elective choice. In 10th grade you will be able to enroll in Introduction to Research (Fall) and Research Methods 1 (Spring).
  4. If a student takes the 9th-grade Exploring Research class, does that mean they have to take the other research courses? 
    • No, students will only take those courses if they want to. You can wait a year or two and begin the upper-level research classes, or you can jump in right away in 10th grade. Faculty likes to describe the pathway as a train where you can get on or off at any stop.
  5. Do students have to participate in Science Fair?
    • We strongly encourage all students to delve into a topic they are passionate about through Science Fair, but only students in Biology 2 with Mrs. Barkes are required to participate. The FAU High School building is equipped with state-of-the-art lab spaces and cutting-edge scientific equipment and resources that are sure to pique your interest in something.
  6. Can students pursue both undergraduate research and Science Fair?
    • Of course! We encourage all students to engage in undergraduate research year-round and then use that project as a science fair project. You’ll have a university mentor and lab access if you are doing undergraduate research, which makes you much more competitive in Science Fair.


Service Hours

  1. How many service hours do we need each year?
    • You need 100 service hours to graduate, but there is no requirement to complete a certain amount each year. It is obviously a good idea to do at least 25 per school year so you don’t get stuck at the end of your senior year.
  2. How should we keep track of our service hours?
    • The service hours sheet and more information can be found here . You can also find the log sheet with instructions on the Academic & Career Resources Canvas page, which you will be added to in August. For now, please keep track of your hours any way you want, and you can submit the form after August 1.
  3. What counts as a service hour?
    • Any service you are providing to the school or outside community without pay.
  4. Will there be opportunities to collect service hours during the school year at school?
    • Yes, teachers and administration offer service hours frequently. You can get them for helping them set up or clean up, tutoring, and volunteering for after-school events such as STEM Night, orientations, etc.
  5. Do the service hours we do this summer count for high school?
    • Yes, any service activity done after the end of your 8th grade school year can be counted towards your high school community service hours.


Summer Assignments

  1. How do we turn in our summer assignments? Will there be a test on the summer work? When? Will it be a grade or just to see where we are?
    • English - Please review the assignment on Canvas
    • History - You will have a test on the assigned summer geography and vocabulary list. Scheduling for the test is tentative at this time, but usually, all students will take the test in the first week of school.
    • Math - The summer assignment will be used as an indicator of your mastery in topics from previous math classes. Students will have a quiz on this material during the first week of school. Summer assignments will be submitted on the Orientation Canvas page under “assignments” (see the menu on the left). There will be an assignment for each class with instructions on what needs to be submitted and how.
    • Do not complete any assignments on the Palm Beach Schools portal (or Broward). We are not affiliated with either district, so on August 1, your work in that portal will be deleted.


Clubs & Athletics

  1. What clubs or athletics teams are offered at FAU High School?
    • FAU High School is in a unique position to offer athletics through FHSAA while having club offerings both at FAU High School and at Florida Atlantic University. 10th, 11th, and 12th-grade students are able to participate in most clubs at the University level and are welcome to start clubs and organizations at FAU High School through the appropriate channels. Please email Mrs. Hallstrom , Interim Assistant Principal, if you'd like to organize a new club.
  2. When are tryouts?
    • Please find more information here .
  3. How many clubs/sports would you recommend we participate in while still balancing our school work?
    • This will need to be explored by each student throughout the school year. Some clubs meet once a week with no outside preparation; other clubs (like Speech and Debate) require you to prepare materials outside of the club. Athletics take more time because you have to attend practice, meets, and games. Think about how many activities you want to be in, look at the classes you have that semester, and what activities you have outside of school (religious, family, music, etc). You can always try out a club and decide that it is too much. Just let the club advisor know; we all understand.
  4. Where can I find a list of all the clubs/sports that FAU HS offers?
    • Since our club offerings sometimes change, we will have a list of clubs available at our back-to-school orientation in August. 
  5. Do families have to pay for the Henderson Enrichment School Program to attend clubs after school?
    • No, but you have to be picked up as soon as the club meeting is over. If your parents are not there to pick you up right away, you will have to wait in the front office, not in the high school building.


Paperwork and Other

  1. Where should students upload their final 8th-grade transcript?
    • Onto Canvas, in the Orientation page, under Assignments.
  2. Are there any travel opportunities?
    • A lot of clubs offer travel opportunities, both in-state and across the country, for competitions. In the past, students involved in the Undergraduate Research Program have had the opportunity to travel to conduct research. Mrs. Barkes and Mr. Clevenger organize EF tours around the world, and next year’s trip is to Japan. There are other trips as needed for students attending conferences and other opportunities.
  3. What fun high school events do you offer?
    • We have a variety of fun activities. The main events are the holiday ugly sweater party, Winter/Spring Formal, Prom (Juniors and Seniors), Grad Bash (Seniors), Senior Breakfast, and more! You can also attend events on campus, such as football and basketball games.
  4. Can students use the campus library?
    • You can use any of the FAU library's digital resources at any time. If you want to go to the library on campus, you must go with your parents while you are a 9th grader. Don't forget to take your owl card to check in.
  5. When do students need to decide on a major or career path?
    • There is no rush to decide on a career just yet. One of the major advantages of starting your undergraduate career early is the years of time it saves you on deciding. You may have a major in mind as you begin to schedule your classes, but no worries if you aren’t sure. You will not declare a major until after high school graduation and you are no longer a dual-enrolled student. We recommend that you take classes in a variety of disciplines and get some practical experience with fellowships, internships, and research.
  6. How much free time will students have once school starts?
    • That depends a lot on you, the classes you have that semester, and your time management abilities. You should expect to have several hours of homework a day, plus several hours over the weekend. Some students find they can get their work done before leaving aftercare, and they have their evenings free. Other students go to clubs/sports after school or take time to relax before starting their work. Even if you don’t have something due the next day, there is always reading, studying, and ALEKs that can be worked on. Your previous balance of work and free time will most likely change, but over time most students are able to find a workable balance.
  7. I heard we do a lot of practice on standardized/achievement tests, and test preparation courses are part of our curriculum? Is this true?
    • Yes, part of the FAU High School curriculum includes preparation for the various achievement tests that students are required to take through and beyond high school. This skill will be useful when you take other standardized tests such as the SAT, GRE, LSAT, MCAT, etc. Other tests that will be practiced are the state EOC exams and ELA Reading/Writing exams. In an effort to support each student on their journey to reach their maximum potential, we have invested in a partnership with the highly sought-out Princeton Review , which is recognized as a best-in-class test-prep solution. As a component of the grades 9 through 12 curricula,  each student in the FAU High School program will participate in live, small group classes taught by experts in an online classroom environment. We have invested in 60 hours worth of live test preparation over grades 9 through 11 and additional self-paced SAT/ACT online material for 12th-grade students. Our school likes students to reach the threshold for National Merit Scholars and helps support all our students, so they all qualify for Bright Futures scholarships.
  8. Is it possible to earn your bachelor’s degree (college degree) at the same time as your high school diploma
    • While this isn't an impossible task , we do not recommend this pathway for all students. Students who want to complete their college degree at the same time as their diploma have to take extra classes each semester and take classes every summer. That is only allowed if the student maintains a very high GPA. By taking so many classes, it makes it hard for the student to engage in career development opportunities, such as research or internships. It is better to slow down, take the classes at a normal pace, and ensure you are getting a completely enriched experience. Most students, if they stay at FAU after they graduate high school, only need one more year of classes to complete their bachelor's degree.
  9. Are we allowed to take our own over-the-counter medications (such as Advil)?
    • All medications, including over-the-counter, must go through the school nurse. There is a form on our website that must be filled out to administer any medication at school.
  10. Are we allowed to go onto the University campus to study or to hang out?
    • No, freshmen are not allowed to be on campus unless accompanied by an adult.
  11. What are the consequences of different behavioral infractions?
    • Please find and review all our school policies here.