December 2023

by THE K-12 COUNSELING TEAM | Tuesday, Nov 28, 2023

As we continue to look for ways to build resilience in our children at all stages of life, decreasing stress and anxiety is a key factor. Learning ways to cope and manage stress is essential, but first we must build awareness. School Counseling is working with students at all levels via classroom lessons, small group counseling and individual brief counseling to guide students through this process. It is through mindfulness activities that we are teaching students to become more aware of managing and coping to be resilient in all aspects of life.

Now that we will be wrapping up the 2 nd quarter and the holidays are emerging, you might find that the excitement of the season brings about some additional stressors. Having resources at your fingertips is helpful. Do not hesitate to reach out to your grade level school counselor for support and assistance. We wish you wonderful family time during winter break.