Harvard University Resiliency Series

by THE K-12 COUNSELING TEAM | Monday, Mar 27, 2023

When we think about raising healthy kids, the topic of resilience emerges. We’d like to circle back to resiliency this month. What exactly is resiliency and what does it look like? In short, it’s how we bounce back from adversity or how we cope and learn how to counterbalance the negative with the positive. We are not born with resiliency…it is taught, in building blocks as we develop. So, how can we teach our students and children how to be more resilient?

Resilience can be taught in the home, at school, in clubs/activities and on sports teams. Universities across the nation are researching and educating on this very topic. As Harvard University Research states, “Raising resilient children is the same concept as developing productive citizens in life.” Harvard University offers a Resiliency Series from their Center for the Developing Child.

Click here to access their three short Resiliency Series videos along with other links to related topics, such as “The Architecture of the Brain”. 

Resiliency is reinforced at A.D. Henderson & FAU High School in the classroom and through the School Counseling Program. At the elementary level, students are learning about how to recognize and regulate big emotions from Ms. Deskin. Mrs. Kean has led small groups and given classroom lessons on good decision making and goal setting for the middle school years. At the high school level, Ms. Spaulding and Dr. Ari Bendit worked together to teach students about perfectionism and how to develop healthy core beliefs moving forward.

We are all on the Resilience Team with our parents! Please do not hesitate to reach out to your student’s School Counselor with any questions on this topic. We look forward to hearing from you!

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9th Grade Counselor
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