Summer Safety and Health

by K-12 Counseling Team | Tuesday, Jun 01, 2021

This year, the A.D. Henderson University School and FAU High School Counseling Department has focused on staying safe and healthy, especially as we all learned to navigate, cope with, and work through a pandemic. During times of less structure, there’s more free time to spend amongst family and have fun, but there are also more opportunities for children and teens to potentially delve into situations that can be unhealthy or unsafe.  

The summer provides an opportunity for parents and guardians to teach and model strategies for their children and teens to remain safe and healthy while away from school, and to enforce healthy behaviors that they continue to engage in well after the summer is over.  Please continue to read for helpful resources and tips to keep the entire family safe and healthy over the summer. 



In the event of an emergency or crisis situation, please be aware that there are avenues of assistance. Below is an emergency and well-being hotline available to support our families and students.

Dial 211 for a free, confidential referral and information helpline and website that connects people of all ages and from all communities to the essential health and human services they need, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

In the case you are concerned a child or adolescent may be having thoughts of self-harm or suicide, contact one or more of the following:

Nearest Emergency Room or 911   911
Mobile Crisis South Team South of Southern Blvd. to Boca Raton 561-637-2102
Mobile Crisis North Team Loxahatchee and north of Southern Blvd. to Jupiter 561-693-8681
Mobile Crisis Broward County Henderson and south of ADHUS 954-463-0911
Mobile Crisis Belle Glade Belle Glade and surrounding areas 561-382-3555
Suicide Prevention Hotlines - English   1-800-SUICIDE  ( 1-800-784-2433 )
Suicide Prevention Hotlines - Spanish   1-877-SUICIDA  ( 1-877-784-2432 )