Summer 2022 Student Highlights

Tuesday, Aug 23, 2022

Last month, Brittany Berlin and Kia Ghods presented in the 2022 Global Health Leaders Conference (GHLC) at Johns Hopkins University. Brittany’s work focused on the global health impact of skin cancer and Kia looked at model selection for HIV and nutrition dynamics . They represented FAU High School well in this year’s GHLC Student Speaker Series!


This past summer, Noor Ibrahim completed a 9-week research program – Dynamic Experiences in Neuroscience to Diversify Research Internship Training Exposures for Students (DENDRITES) at The University of Chicago. He had the opportunity to work under a faculty mentor, Dr. Christopher Gomez, while conducting research on a cure for ataxia, a genetic neurodegenerative disease. Noor presented his findings at the Leadership Alliance National Symposium.


Kostiantyn Ostapchuk, a senior at FAU High School, filed a provisional patent (Number 63/375,017) for a device that will be used to generate electricity by means of charged air molecules.