Florida Atlantic University High School (FAU High School) is a public, dual enrollment high school on the campus of Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton, Florida. FAU High School is unique by the advanced coursework and classroom setting that students participate in. 9th grade at FAU High School prepares all students to transition to Florida Atlantic University, as 10th graders, where they complete the rest of their high school coursework and begin their undergraduate degrees in a major of their choosing. A typical graduate of FAU High School earns three years worth of college credits towards a Bachelor’s degree.


FAU High School endeavors to: (1) provide students a challenging curriculum, balanced with innovative academic support; (2) demonstrate best practice for university teacher education; (3) innovate, develop and disseminate curricula; and (4) conduct and support emerging educational research, currently focused on developing best practices for improving the transition from high school to the university, through high school reforms.


FAU High School is a national exemplary model for school systems and teacher preparation programs improving education for diverse student populations through innovative, faculty-developed research and curriculum.

School Plans & Reports

Faculty & Staff

Our instructors are subject matter experts that are driven to develop and implement unconventional approaches – like using unmanned terrestrial, aerial, and water vehicles to teach the principles of engineering, or providing a classroom environment that gives students space to conduct ground-breaking peer-reviewed, published research. These experiences change our students’ lives and our students, in turn, change the world.

Our skilled instructional leaders are passionately focused on developing and caring for the holistic student. Their lesson planning and execution integrate the higher cognitive levels of learning, including applying learned concepts, analyzing new information within the concepts, evaluating the validity and reliability of information and finally, synthesizing newly acquired knowledge through an interdisciplinary approach to create ever-evolving new instructional models. This cyclical student-centered collaboration process serves as a framework for constant instructional innovation.

If you need to contact any of our faculty or staff, please find their contact information here.

Research Committee

The Office of PK12 Schools and Educational Programs Research Committee endeavors to conduct and support educational and developmental research within our school systems. Through these research initiatives, we improve education for our own diverse student population as well as those at educational institutions across the country. This unique mission is what makes us an exemplary model for PK-12 programs across the nation.

We invite you to read more about our mission and members. Please contact us with any questions, comments, or to initiate a project.

Program Cost

FAU High School is a public school governed by Florida Atlantic University and has no tuition cost, lab fees, or book costs to students. Families are financially responsible for an annual activity fee, FAU Parking and Transportation fee, orientation fee, and, in 9th grade, an iPad rental fee. The activity fee charge goes towards the students’ non-instructional student activities including extracurricular activities, sports, field trips, and other student-related costs. Students participating in the reduced lunch program pay 50% of the activity fee and students participating in the free lunch program pay no activity fee. Find a summary of these costs here.

All 9th graders at FAU High School are required to pay a 9th Grade iPad Fee that covers freshmen use of a school purchased iPad for all school classwork, homework, textbook use, and extracurricular use.

Along with the FAU High School Activity Fee, FAU High School students are responsible for an FAU Transportation Access Fee that covers costs associated with their studies at Florida Atlantic University.

On average, graduates of FAU High School earn 95 university credits by high school graduation; some students even receive their Bachelor’s Degree from Florida Atlantic University before their high school diploma. FAU High School, in partnership with the Office of Financial Aid, currently offers the Talon Scholarship to all qualified high school graduates to complete their Bachelor’s degree at Florida Atlantic University within two years of graduation from FAU High School


School Advisory Body

The mission of the A.D. Henderson & FAU High School Advisory Body is the development and implementation of the School Improvement Plan and the provision of general oversight and guidance for the Florida Atlantic University Developmental Research Schools, as provided under Florida law.

To read about the FAU Schools Advisory Body, or view its members, please visit them here.

HenTech Support

A. D. Henderson University School has many different devices being used in school and numerous applications that are supported throughout our curriculum. Our school has a technology resource for parents and students designed for families to submit any technology questions regarding any of our supported applications or devices (examples – Google drive, School Pass, Focus, iPads, Kindle, Marketplace, Canvas, Chromebooks, etc.). Questions will be vetted to the proper personnel and you will receive a response within 48 hours.

Email HenTech

Parent Teacher Organization

The FAU Schools Parent Teacher Organization is a very involved group of people who work hand in hand with teachers and staff for the benefit of our students. Volunteering as part of the PTO is the best way to support your school, your teacher and your child! We have events occurring all year long.

Consider becoming a member of the PTO and help us maximize the impact of the educational experience for all kids at Florida Atlantic University High School.

School Calendars

FAU High School students follow different school calendars depending on their grade level and coursework. 9th-grade students follow the A.D. Henderson University School & FAU High School Calendar, while 10th, 11th, and 12th grade students must follow the FAU University Calendar.

FAU High School is within its own school district and thus does not necessarily follow any other school district's calendar. Our calendar is voted on and is then approved by our School Advisory Body.

School Forms

Contact Us

FAU High School is located on the Boca Raton campus of Florida Atlantic University which is approximately 1/2 miles east of the Glades Road exit from I-95.

FAU High School
Florida Atlantic University
777 Glades Road - P.O. Box 3091
Boca Raton, FL 33431-0991

office: (561) 297-3970

Email: fauhsinfo@adhus.fau.edu

fax: (561) 297-3939