Safety Matters

by K-12 Counseling Team | Monday, Nov 01, 2021

This month, students will begin learning how to educate and empower themselves through safety rules and strategies. Students will be provided lessons from the Monique Burr Foundation which offers an evidence-based and evidence-informed prevention program on how students can help keep themselves safe. The program will overview strategies that will help them prevent, recognize, and respond appropriately to abuse, exploitation, and trafficking. For more information, click here to view FLDOE’s State Mandate. The program also presents a lesson on bullying, which is covered in October for Bullying Prevention and Awareness Month. Please click here to learn more about the safety rules. If you would like your child/teen to opt out of this lesson, please complete this form by November 12, 2021.


What students can expect from their school counselors this month:


MBF Child Safety Matters Lesson 1: Students will learn about things like: safe vs. unsafe strangers, identifying safe adults, body privacy, safety and respect, the 5 safety rules, and much more. A parent information sheet will be shared pertaining to your child’s grade level after the lesson so you can review and discuss at home too!

Middle & High School

MBF Teen Safety Matters Lesson Objectives:

  • Students will understand the importance of personal safety education.
  • Students will use the 5 Safety Rules to prevent, recognize, and respond appropriately to unsafe situations.
  • Students will recognize peer pressure and learn to apply the 5 Safety Rules to stay safe.
  • Students will understand digital dangers (such as sexting and sextortion) and how they can decrease their digital risk and increase their digital safety by remembering the 4 R’s (Relationships, Responsibility, Reputation, and Risk).

October Highlight - Unity Week

If you suspect your child is experiencing any difficulties whether academically, socially, or emotionally, please encourage them to seek the support of their school counselor or other trusted adults.