September 2023

by THE K-12 COUNSELING TEAM | Monday, Aug 28, 2023

The School Counseling Team is excited to kick off the 2023-24 school year with you!  

Our team is growing as we welcome Mr. Chris Gaspar, the new 9 th grade school counselor.  Mr. Gaspar has a wealth of experience at both the elementary and high school levels.  Throughout his career he has worked in Arizona, California and Palm Beach County, specializing in unique program development and leadership.

School Counseling will be working in partnership with teachers this year to build resiliency in our students.  The Florida Resiliency standards encompass character, personal responsibility, critical thinking and problem-solving skills along with mentorship and citizenship.  Students in grades 6-12 will all receive Navigate 360 accounts and be provided with exciting interactive lessons both in class and online.

In addition to student resources, we will be sharing K-12 parent resources with you throughout the year from Navigate 360.  The parent resources provide consistent messaging, alignment and opportunities for deeper learning at home and in the community.  Required resiliency education supports the Character Counts Pillars to develop our students into successful citizens who can adapt to a variety of situations.

The high school team would also like to extend a warm welcome to Mrs. Christine Porges.  Mrs. Porges is a licensed marriage and family therapist and will spend four days a week at the CAPS Counseling Center on the university campus and Tuesdays on the FAU HS campus, serving our high school students.  We look forward to parent workshops led by Mrs. Porges in the near future.  Please contact your student’s school counselor for more information about therapeutic services with Mrs. Porges.