Jupiter Spring Experiential Research Courses Have Begun

Wednesday, Jan 25, 2023

Students in the FAU High School Jupiter Program in Partnership with Max Planck Academy are working on gaining laboratory skills in Neurophysiology and Drosophila Genes and Behavior. Taught by Dr. Jennifer Krill, these courses teach students technical skills in the classroom that students then use to ask their own unique scientific questions about the world. In Neurophysiology, students are using earthworms and crickets to learn electrophysiological techniques of cellular neuroscience. Students in Drosophila Genes and Behavior are leaning how to assess how genes can affect organismal function using the fruit fly and behavioral assays. Coming out of these classes, our Jupiter students will have the skill sets to transition to a research mentor at FAU, Wilkes Honors College, Max Planck Florida Institute for Neuroscience, or one of our many affiliates.