Owls Imaging Lab Highlights: November 2022

Wednesday, Nov 30, 2022

  • A What Is It Wednesday image of nylon fabric on our dissecting microscope was taken in the imaging lab by middle schooler Savannah Cipyak. Make sure you visit the FAUHS Research Twitter profile every Wednesday for a new picture and submit your guess to the lab!
  • This SEM image shows the three-dimensional interconnected porous structure of an acellular porcine bone matrix. This decellularized porcine bone matrix is being studied for the applications in bone tissue engineering and regeneration. Provided by courtesy of Sabrina Scarpinato from Dr. Yunqing Kang’s biomaterials and tissue engineering lab.


  • The Owls Imaging Lab submitted the below images to the Art of Science competition. is participating in a couple different contests and competitions with the below images.

Fruit Fly Head

by June Gray

Fruit Fly

by Saachi Mody


by Gave Goldenberg

fruitflyhead-June Gray nanosuit-Saachi Mody penecillin-Gabe Goldenberg