Undergraduate Research Course Highlights: November 2022

Monday, Nov 28, 2022

Introduction to Research

Students in Introduction to Research had the opportunity to hear from Dr. James Cunningham, a Professor in the Department of Music at FAU, about his research as an ethnomusicologist. After demonstrating playing techniques for the didgeridoo, he discussed recording original compositions and exciting ways to discover new sounds through instrument-making and technology for recreating acoustic environments in live performances.


Earlier this semester, students in Introduction to Research conducted a literature search to find a peer-reviewed journal article related to their research interests. After learning how to analyze scientific literature, each group led a class discussion on their selected research paper. As we wrap up this presentation series, we have enjoyed learning about interesting research topics, including: virtual reality in orthopedic surgical training, simulating hydrodynamics of underwater vehicles, applications of nanotechnology in medicine, and a longitudinal study of sleep deprivation and academic achievement in college.