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The A.D. Henderson University School & FAU High School program is based on the National Standards for School Counseling Programs and the American School Counselor Association (ASCA) National Model.

The School Counseling Team provides comprehensive counseling programs that incorporate prevention and intervention with continuous academic, career, and personal/development activities that will prepare students for meaningful participation in a diverse, changing world. These activities include classroom lessons, small groups for skill mastery, individual counseling for students with specific needs, and a variety of other proactive and innovative ways to support student performance.

We collaborate and provide resources to staff, students, families, and others to ensure that a family-friendly environment is established and that students have access to support services necessary for academic and social/emotional growth.

K-12 School Counseling Team

Lisa Spaulding Director of School Counseling,
9th Grade Counselor
Chris Gaspar

9th Grade School Counselor

Jaclyn Sheldon

10 - 12  School Counselor (A- K)


Grantis Bell

10 - 12  School Counselor (L-Z ) gbell4@fau.edu

Christine Porges

CAPS Counselor porgesc@health.fau.edu 

School Counseling Direct Services:

School counselors provide direct counseling services to students through school counseling core curriculum (classroom), small groups, and individual counseling. While school counselors work from a proactive, preventive model, they also provide response services and work together to meet students’ immediate needs and concerns. Responsive services may include brief individual sessions and/or small groups to target specific needs, or crisis response.

School Counseling Indirect Services:

Indirect services are provided on behalf of student as a result of school counselors’ interactions with others. This may include referrals for additional assistance, community outreach, and consultation and collaboration with parents, teachers, other educators. Indirect activities may include:

  • Consultation
  • Community outreach
  • Directing parents and students to school and community resources
  • School-wide interventions & initiatives that improve school culture and climate
  • Parent outreach & education
  • Referrals to outside agencies 




29 Dec
December 29, 2023

Happy New Year! As we step into January, it's an opportune time to encourage our children to press the reset button and embrace a fresh start. The beginning of a new year offers an excellent chance to reflect, reset priorities,...

28 Nov
November 28, 2023

As we continue to look for ways to build resilience in our children at all stages of life, decreasing stress and anxiety is a key factor.

31 Oct
October 31, 2023

On October 28th, Ms. Deskin and Ms. Wuest presented their program at the Florida School Counseling Association Conference in Daytona Beach.